Learn to Meditate

There are a vast array of valid meditation techniques: following the breath, cultivating loving-kindness, open awareness, just to name a few. The Jade Method provides foundational skills for navigating any practice. It’s a standard meditation technique at the Monastic Academy.

About the Course

In this self-paced video course, you will learn how to align your posture, align your breath, purify hindrances, and rouse heroic motivations. Over time, as you follow this straightforward algorithm and learn to hold these twenty points in your meditation practice, you get closer and closer to states of awareness that are deeper, richer, and more beautiful than you might have ever imagined.

This course is taught by MAPLE Fundamentals Teacher and Monastic Academy Canada / Willow Executive Director, Jasna Seishin Todorović.

Pay What You Can

Willow Monastic Academy operates based on the gift economy and the Buddhist spirit of dana. We aim to reduce financial barriers and make our teachings accessible to everyone. For this offering, we recommend a gift range between $100-$200, and encourage you to give based on your financial situation and your values.


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