Have you been wanting to meditate more and live in a community of like-minded folks who strive to live in a way that is meaningful?

We know that our day jobs can sometimes get in the way of exploring other ways of living, so we have created Willow’s co-working program to serve as a bridge between these two worlds.

Co-Working at Willow allows you to continue working remotely while living in a community of dedicated practitioners, getting one-on-one meditation guidance, and learning practices to connect more deeply with what is most important to you.

Our ecology of practices ranges from traditional Buddhist chanting & meditation, emotional healing, leadership development, and a variety of modern modalities to improve physical, emotional and psychological well-being. A full list can be found here.

What You’ll Get

1-on-1 meditation coaching with a Monastic Academy teacher

Single or shared rooms available

8 acres of beautiful forested land with trails and a stream

Our unique ecology of practices, drawing on both ancient and modern modalities

Office spaces with reliable internet access and privacy for calls

Two healthy, hearty vegan meals every day

A large network of deeply loving and supportive friends

Daily structure supports us in living happy, healthy lives

Access to our extensive library of books on a wide variety of relevant topics

Who we are and how we train

The two pillars of our training are Awakening – classical insight, the ability to radically transform the mind – and Responsibility – the power to take clear action in the world.

We create an environment that fosters broad human development through practices which incorporate ancient wisdom traditions and modern transformational modalities.

Daily Schedule

Morning and evening chanting and sitting periods are mandatory for all guests. The rest of the schedule is optional for co-working guests.

5:00 am – chant
5:30 – sit
6:30 – exercise
7:30 – breakfast
8:15 – work (noble silence ends)
1:00 pm – lunch
1:45 – chores
2:00 – personal time
5:00 – evening activity
7:00 – sit (noble silence begins)
8:15 – chant

includes abstaining from speaking to others & using any of our digital devices

begin Sunday afternoon and end on Monday evening at 9pm. During that time, there is no schedule to follow, but the rules of the monastic container must still be upheld.

consist of 1 weeklong and 1-2 weekend retreats that take place at Willow each month. During these periods everyone present in the monastic container will be expected to work in accord with the particular schedule for that retreat, e.g. a weekend of silent meditation, a week of circling for hours each morning and evening.

Cost & Application Form

The cost of our co-working program is $50/day for a shared bedroom and $70/day for a solo bedroom. Financial assistance may be available under certain circumstances, however, please be aware that we rely on this income to support our community of full-time monastic trainees.